Jitsie L3 Triztan Riding Gear

Jitsie L3 trials apparel range is their entry level riding kit, which is designed with a "keep things simple" approach. With the L3 Triztan design, we wanted to break away from the common, over the top designs you see in the trials industry and come up with a bold, tasteful range that would appeal as much to the older generation of trials riders as it would the image conscious youngsters.

Dougie Lampkin - Jitsie Triztan
Dougie Lampkin - Jitsie Triztan

Mix and Match

The Triztan range consists of 1 trouser colourway and 9 jersey colourways, giving rider's a simple but really effective way to change the their look with just the change of a jersey.

This is a continuation of the customisation system we built into the forthcoming helmet range, which has a few base colour-ways to choose from but the option of several different aftermarket peak colours letting riders choose their flavour.

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