Daniel Oliver

I'm a Cornwall based graphic designer, specialising in branding and apparel design in the action sports industry. I work remotely as a designer for Belgium based trials brand, Jitsie.

Amped Logo


Brand Design

Jitsie HT1 UMIX Helmet


Helmet Design

Jitsie L3 Triztan

Riding Apparel Design

Amped Pace Riding Kit

Amped Pace

Riding Apparel

Moto Messages

iMessage Sticker Pack

KRNW Watch Brand

KRNW Watches

Brand & Watch Design

New projects coming

I just relaunched this website in early 2019 and I am currently in the process of adding a lot more projects over the course of the next few months. Projects include branding, apparel design, casual clothing and digital. Please contact me if you would like to see more before hand.

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